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The purpose of the study is to provide a quick assessment of the current events and the impending changes.

The research focuses mostly on identifying the economic impact and future outlooks, including the possible changes in Estonia’s economic structure and competitive position compared to other countries. The possible progression of broader social and societal processes will be viewed as the background. Keeping in mind the great number of uncertainties, we will use scenarios to identify possible changes, and consider the new opportunities as well as risks that these entail.

The research is seeking answers to the following questions:

  • What are the main mechanisms that allow coronavirus and its avoidance measures to influence economy and society? What trends emerge and grow as a result?
  • What scenarios take form when alternative interpretations of trends are layered together?
  • What is the significance of scenarios on different economic sectors and their development perspectives?

The study will be complete in October 2020.



Last updated: 30.06.2020