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The Foresight Centre and the Centre for Applied Research (CentAR) cooperate in carrying out the study Monitoring the Development of International Shipping and Maritime Economy until 2040.

The aim of the research project is to analyse Estonia’s competitive position as a flag state of cargo ships or in attracting the transport of cargo through our ports. The research project looks at developments in international multi-modal trade corridors, the state of competition between types of transport, new categories of goods that can be shipped by sea, technological developments and environmental requirements that affect shipping, the factors influencing the choice of flag state, and their possible changes over time. In short, the main objective of the research project is to consider how Estonia should act if different development trends were to become a reality, in order to increase its competitiveness as a flag state of cargo ships and in attracting the transport of cargo through its ports.  

The final report of the project will be completed in September 2020. The final report will include an analysis of the development trends that influence international shipping and maritime economy, alternative future scenarios until 2040, and decision-making points for policy shaping. 

Key research questions:

  • What factors or development trends influence international shipping and competitiveness of Estonian ports?
  • What will the competitiveness of countries as flag states depend on in the future?
  • How do different development trends affect the links between the ships and the on-shore sector?
  • Which outlined development scenarios can be identified and justified for the future of Estonia’s port trade and Estonia as a flag state?
  • Which risks and opportunities should the policy shapers be prepared for?




Last updated: 19.06.2020