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Standing committees

There are 11 standing committees in the Riigikogu. Each standing committee deals with Bills in its specialist field.

European Union Affairs Committee

The European Union Affairs Committee has a deciding and coordinating role in working with the issues of the European Union in the Riigikogu.

Environment Committee

The Environment Committee works with draft legislation on environmental policy, environmental protection, the use of natural resources and conservation.

Cultural Affairs Committee

The Cultural Affairs Committee works with draft legislation on education and culture.

Rural Affairs Committee

The Rural Affairs Committee works with rural and agricultural policy.

Economic Affairs Committee

The Economic Affairs Committee directs legislative work and supervises the activities of the Government in fields that are connected to economy, or directly influence it.

Constitutional Committee

The Constitutional Committee discusses the protection of fundamental rights in general and proceeds draft legislation on constitutional institutions.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with draft legislation on finance policy, such as the state budget, taxation and banking.

National Defence Committee

The National Defence Committee works with draft legislation that regulates national security and defence.

Social Affairs Committee

The Social Affairs Committee works with draft legislation dealing with labour, social welfare, social security and health care.

Foreign Affairs Committee

The Foreign Affairs Committee participates in the shaping of the foreign policy and the development of the principles of the foreign relations of Estonia, and monitors the foreign policy activities of the Government.

Legal Affairs Committee

The work of the Legal Affairs Committee includes legislative drafts regulating private law, criminal law and internal security.

Select committees, committees of investigation and study committees

Study committees and committees of investigation are formed to inquire into important issues that need to be solved.

Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee

The Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee exercises supervision over the activities of security authorities and surveillance agencies.

Anti-Corruption Select Committee

The Anti-Corruption Select Committee exercises supervision over the implementation of anti-corruption measures.

State Budget Control Select Committee

The State Budget Control Select Committee monitors that the state budget funds and state assets are used economically, expediently and lawfully.

Committee of Investigation to Identify Possible Corruption Risks in the Public Limited Company Port of Tallinn (activities terminated 14 June 2016)

The Committee investigated possible corruption in the Management Board of the public limited company Port of Tallinn, as well as means of preventing similar cases in the future.

The Riigikogu Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis

After the restoration of independence, the population of Estonia has constantly decreased, and the purpose of the Study Committee is to identify the problems and provide solutions to improve the situation.

The Riigikogu Study Committee to Draw Up the Development Objectives for the State Reform

The state reform is necessary because Estonia has to cope with limited resources also in the future: our population is decreasing and there is a lack of labour force. Besides that, regional disparities are constantly increasing, which in its turn brings along uneven capability at the local government level.