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Work of the Committee of Investigation on the Port of Tallinn

The purpose of the committee of investigation was to ascertain what the alleged corruption in Port of Tallinn consisted in, what the factors that contributed to it were and what impact it had on the management and functioning of the company and the interests of the state as the owner.

The Committee had to find out if:

  • the internal control and accounting related to the management and supervision of Port of Tallinn Ltd followed the requirements of legislation and the principles of good management practice;
  • the members of the governing bodies of Port of Tallinn were elected and their activities supervised in the way the legislation regulating supervision provides for;
  • the management of the assets of Port of Tallinn was organised according to the requirements provided for in legislation and prudently;
  • the participation of the state in companies has been organised and coordinated so that the interests of the state have been protected in the best way.

The final report of the parliamentary Committee of Investigation concluded that supervision over AS Tallinna Sadam was weak. Consequently, the Committee made a number of proposals to the government and the parliament to improve the supervision of state enterprises. The Committee of Investigation was dissolved upon the presentation of its final report on 14 June 2016.


Last updated: 13.09.2017