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Work of the Riigikogu Study Committee to Draw Up the Development Objectives for the State Reform

The state reform is necessary because Estonia has to cope with limited resources also in the future: our population is decreasing and there is a lack of labour force. Besides that, regional disparities are constantly increasing, which in its turn brings along uneven capability at the local government level.

The tasks of the Committee are:

  • to follow and analyse the implementation of the administrative reform and the reorganisation of regional administration, and the achievement of the goals set for them;
  • to make proposals to reorganise public authority and to review the additional functions performed by it;
  • to assess the impact and sustainability of the activities carried out with the aim of reorganisation of public authority;
  • to make proposals to the Riigikogu and the Government of the Republic, and to initiate legislative amendments if necessary.

Upon the termination of its activities, the Committee will submit a final report to the Riigikogu. The mandate of the Committee will last until the termination of the mandate of the 13th Riigikogu.


Last updated: 13.11.2017