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Work of the Riigikogu Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis

After the restoration of independence, the population of Estonia has constantly decreased, and the purpose of the Study Committee is to identify the problems and provide solutions to improve the situation.

The tasks of the Committee are:

  • to analyse the situation and propose measures for the preservation of the Estonian people, language and culture;
  • to study the current state of the fundamentals of national policies, sectoral development plans, development plans for areas of government and programmes relating to population, and to make proposals to improve the situation;
  • to examine the population policies and experiences of other countries, and to make proposals to amend our policies on the basis of that;
  • to meet with the interest groups dealing with population policy and involve them;
  • to monitor the activities necessary for fulfilling a general purpose of the Government of the Republic Action Plan, “Increasing of the population of Estonia”, and make proposals for amendments;
  • to analyse the planning and use of financial resources and make relevant proposals;
  • to make proposals to amend legislation when necessary;
  • to assess the impact and sustainability of the activities that are performed.

The Committee will submit its proposals to the Riigikogu after analysing the problems, and a final report on its activities upon termination of its work. The mandate of the Committee will last until the termination of the mandate of the 13th Riigikogu.


Last updated: 13.09.2017