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I am a former journalist, author of four books. I view myself as a conservative and have a deep respect for religious beliefs. I believe we were not just making empty words when we promised a dignified old age for the members of our society, and I also believe that in a tense situation, such as we can see on the global political arena today, what we need is a feminine approach (with a social orientation) to resolving conflicts.

Study Committee to Solve the Demographic Crisis, Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita districts of Tallinn

Viktoria Ladõnskaja-Kubits


Tallinn city electoral districts of Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita

20 July 1981 in Anapa, Russia
Married, one daughter

Education: Tallinn Läänemere Gymnasium 1999; University of Tartu, journalism 2004 (equivalent to Master’s degree)

Career: newspaper Eesti Ekspress, journalist 2005–2014; magazine Браво!, Editor-in-Chief 2007–2008; channel ETV2, presenter 2009–2010; channel 3+, presenter 2012–2013

Party affiliation: Isamaa 2014–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2015–2016); Tallinn City Council 2017–2019

Awards: Estonian Newspaper Association prize for the best feature story in 2006; European Commission Journalist Award For Diversity. Against Discrimination 2008; various other press prizes

Other activities: Estonian Public Broadcasting Council 2016–;
books: “Vene köögi eripära Eesti moodi” (“Peculiarity of the Russian Cuisine in the Estonian Way”) 2009, “Peipsi veerel. Vanausulised paluvad lauda” (“Cuisine of the Lake Peipus Old Believers”) 2011, “Emadepäev. Vastse ema vested” 2012 (“Musings of a New Mother”, co-author, also published in Russian), “Lasnamäe valge laev” 2013 (“White Ship of Lasnamäe”, Russian version 2014), “Poliitpäevik” (“Political Diary”) 2015;
presenter of TV programmes “Vandekohus” 2009–2010 (“Jury”, channel ETV2) and “Täna õhtul otse-eetris” 2012–2013 (“Live Tonight”, channel 3+)

Hobbies: politics and journalism



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  • Lugupeetud proua Kallas! Ma tahtsin täpsustada teie käest ühte teist asja, mis on seotud täpselt sarnase teemaga ja eriolukorra mõiste ette toomisega. Teie põhiseaduskomisjonis on olemas ka teine eelnõu, mis sisuliselt lähtub sellest, et eriolukord oli eriline praktika meie riigi jaoks ja
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