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I wish that welfare would be available to people not only in Harju County, but everywhere across Estonia. Strong and successful local governments ensure national development. This is what I want Estonia to be like. I give special attention to the development of Pärnu County.

Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Pärnumaa

Marko Šorin


Pärnu County Electoral District

9 June 1974 Sindi, Estonia
Married, two sons

Education: Sindi Secondary School 1992; Pärnu Business School, small enterprise management 1997; University of Tartu, Pärnu College, business management 1999
Continuing education: University of Notre Dame (USA) 1997.

Career: AS Viisnurk, Sales Manager of the Western Region 1997–2001, Marketing Manager of Construction Materials Division 2001–2008; AS Wendre, Purchasing Manager 2008–2009; Deputy Mayor of Sindi 2010–2011, Mayor of Sindi 2011–2016; Chancellery of the Riigikogu, Estonian Centre Party Faction, adviser 2017; Deputy Mayor of Pärnu 2017–2019

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2011–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu 2016–2017, 14th Riigikogu; Sindi City Council 1996–2001, also elected in 2013; Tori Rural Municipality Council 2017–

Other activities: Sindi Firefighting Association, Estonian Flag Association, Sindi History Club, Sindi Sports Club “Kalju” and folk culture society Kirmas
Editor of album “Sindi elu piltides” (”Life in Sindi in Pictures”) 2013

Hobbies: folk dancing, badminton, checkers, history (of Sindi)



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