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Study Committee on the Development of Estonian Language Instruction, Social Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Järvamaa and Viljandimaa

Helmen Kütt


Järva County and Viljandi County electoral district

28 July 1961 in Viljandi
Married, one son and one daughter

Education: Suure-Jaani Gymnasium 1979; Viljandi Culture College, cultural club worker 1984; Tallinn University, social work 2001, Master of Social Work 2003

Career: Viljandi District Communications Centre, Subscription Department 1979–1981; Viljandi MEK, typist, Head of Office 1981–1992; Estonian Red Cross, Secretary 1992–1993; Viljandi County Government, Social Welfare Department 1993; Viljandi City Government, Social Welfare Counsellor, Head of Social Welfare Department 1993–2001, 2005–2011; Deputy Mayor of Viljandi 2001–2005; Minister of Social Protection 2014–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian People’s Union 2006–2010; Social Democratic Party 2011–, Vice-Chairman

Membership in representative bodies: 12th Riigikogu, 13th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2015–2016, Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee 2016–); Viljandi City Council 1996–1999, 2017– , also elected in 1993, 1999–2013

Awards: Honorary Decoration of the Town of Viljandi 2011

Other activities: head of the Estonian delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU); Gambling Tax Council, Member of the Supervisory Board; Estonian Social Work Association; Federation of the Trade Unions of State and Municipal Agencies Employees; charity work, volunteer at EELC St Paul’s Congregation of Viljandi; articles in the Estonian press

Hobbies: yoga, music, theatre, reading



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