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I am in every way an entrepreneur, who has participated in various social activities and the work of the local government council. Knowing the local life, seeing its problems and wanting to find solutions to these problems have motivated me to plunge into politics. In my life I have followed the strong principle that he who takes pains will get things done. As an entrepreneur, I have tried to bring a longer vision into politics, so that we would not be afraid to make big decisions on which our welfare and also the welfare of the coming generations depend.

Finance Committee, Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee
Electoral district: Jõgevamaa and Tartumaa

Aivar Kokk


Jõgeva County and Tartu County Electoral District

15 April 1960 Jõgeva
Married, three daughters

Education: Tallinn Sports Boarding School, Otepää Branch 1978; Tallinn University of Technology, production of construction details and structures (equivalent to Master’s degree)1983

Career: Jõgeva EPT, Mobile Mechanised Special Construction Unit, Head of Planning and Production Department 1983–1985, Chief Engineer 1985–1987, Deputy Head 1987–1992; AS Cobra Grupp, Member of the Board 1992–1998, Chairman of the Supervisory Board 1998–2004; AS Seitung, Member of the Board 1995–2004; AS Pamako Betoon, Member of the Board 1996–2004; Central Estonian Business Centre, Member of the Board 1999–2004; Jõgeva County Governor 2004–2009; AS Werol Tehased, Member of the Board 2010–2011

Party affiliation: Isamaa 2011–, Member of the Board

Membership in representative bodies: 12th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee), 13th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Social Affairs Committee 2015–2016, Chairman of the Economic Affairs Committee 2016–2017, Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee 2017–2019), 14th Riigikogu ( Chairman of the Finance Committee 2019–2021, Deputy Chairman 2021–); Jõgeva Rural Municipality Council 1989–1999, 2017–, Chairman 1999–2000, 2002–2004, 2009–2011, 2020–, also elected in 2013

Other activities: Jõgevamaa Business Club, President; Jõgeva and Tartu Counties Business Club, figurehead; Estonian National Culture Foundation, Vaike Lapp Foundation, Chairman of the Administrative Council; Estonian Skating Union, Vice President
Has composed music and acted as publisher, author of the cookery book Aivar Koka raamat: minu maitseelamused (Aivar Kokk’s Book: My Taste Experiences) 2019

Hobbie: organisation of sports, cultural and charity events and conferences, recreational sports, music, gardening, cooking.