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A native of Saaremaa, I have long promoted regional policy in Western Estonia. I continue to participate in developing legislation in the field of security, to ensure a safe future for Estonia. Ten years of political experience and 20 years of work in law enforcement bodies have given me the necessary background for this. I think it is important to stand for the stable development of both the national and the international security, while also creating a supportive business environment in rural areas, to stop depopulation. I work honestly and with all my heart.

National Defence Committee
Electoral district: Hiiumaa, Läänemaa and Saaremaa

Kalle Laanet


Hiiu County, Lääne County and Saare County Electoral District

25 September 1965, Orissaare, Saare County
Married, one son and two daughters

Education: Tallinn Sports Boarding School 1983; Tallinn Law Enforcement Special Secondary School 1988; Concordia International University in Estonia, law (equivalent to Master’s degree) 2001

Career: Kingissepp District / Saare County Executive Committee: Internal Affairs Department, Criminal Investigation Group, Operative Commissioner 1988–1989 and 1990, Senior Operative Commissioner 1990–1991, Operative Prevention Service, district law enforcement inspector 1989–1990; State Police Board: Saaremaa Police Prefecture, Criminal Police, Senior Inspector 1991–1992, Assistant Prefect 1992–1993 and Police Prefect 1995–2002; Central Criminal Police, Property Crimes Department, Commissioner 1993–1994, Organised Crime Prevention Department, Information Group, Senior Inspector 1994–1995, Tallinn Police Prefect 2002–2004, West Police Prefect 2004–2005; Minister of the Interior 2005–2007

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2005–2012; Estonian Reform Party 2014–

Membership in representative bodies: 11th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee), 12th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee 2011–2014, Chairman of the Committee of Investigation for Ascertaining the Facts Relating to the Issuing of Temporary Residence Permits to Aliens), 13th Riigikogu (Chairman of the Constitutional Committee 2015–2016, Deputy Chairman of the Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee 2017–2018, Vice-President of the Riigikogu 2018–2019), 14th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of the National Defence Committee); Saaremaa Rural Municipality Council 2017–, also elected to Kuressaare City Council 2009

Awards: Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 3rd class 2006. Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland 2005

Other activities: FBI National Academy, European Department, President 2007; Estonian Police Sport Association, President 2008–2015; “SA Turvaline Saaremaa” (Foundation for Safe Saaremaa), Supervisory Board; Kuressaare Hospital Foundation, Chairman of Supervisory Board 2018–

Hobbies: sports, literature



  • 2021. aasta riigieelarve seaduse eelnõu (254 SE) teine lugemine
  • Kui te, härra Sester, tähele panite, siis ma lasin härra Ligi ette. (S. Sester kommenteerib midagi saalist.) Head head kolleegid! Eks ma olen seisnud nii palju ja nii kaua, kui ma olen siin Riigikogus olnud ikka sisejulgeoleku ja siseturvalisuse eest, nii ka selle riigieelarve menetluse käigus. Eest
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