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I want to apply the experiences I have acquired so far to carry out efficient parliamentary work mostly in the areas of economy, rural life, agriculture, and European Union affairs.

Rural Affairs Committee, Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee
Electoral district: Võrumaa, Valgamaa and Põlvamaa

Ivari Padar


Võru County, Valga County and Põlva County Electoral District

12 March 1965, Navi village, Võru County, Estonia
Married, one daughter and one son

Education: Võru Industrial Vocational School 1984; University of Tartu, history (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1995

Career: Võru Dairy Factory, transport worker 1984; Võru Department of Repairs and Construction, carpenter 1988–1990; Võru 9-year School No. 2, teacher 1990–1991; Deputy Mayor of Võru 1993–1994; Võru County Farmers’ Union, Acting Chairman 1994–1995; Ministry of Finance, Assistant to the Secretary General 1995–1997; “AS HT Hulgi”, CEO 1997–1999; Minister of Agriculture 1999–2002; “AS Tallink Duty Free”, adviser 2002–2003; Minister of Finance 2007–2009; Minister of Agriculture 2014–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Farmers Party 1994–1998; People’s Party Moderates / Social Democratic Party 1999–, Member of the Board

Membership in representative bodies: European Parliament 2009–2014, 2017–2019; 10th Riigikogu (Chairman of faction), 11th Riigikogu 2007–2009, 12th Riigikogu 2011 (resigned), 13th Riigikogu 2015–2017 (Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee 2015–2016, Chairman of the Study Committee to Draw Up the Development Objectives for the State Reform 2017); 14th Riigikogu; Võru City Council 2002–2005, Chairman 2002–2003, also elected in 1999; Võru Rural Municipality Council 2021–, also elected in 2017, elected to Tallinn City Council in 2005

Other activities: Eesti Pank (Bank of Estonia), Member of the Supervisory Board; Estonian Grilling Union, Estonian Beef Breeders Association and NPO Estonian Young Farmers, Honorary Member; Võru County Farmers’ Union, Navi Village Society. Articles in the Estonian press.

Hobbies: reading.



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