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Values are more important than plans. The Republic of Estonia was established by our ancestors for successful, secure and wealthy survival of our nation. Ideology-centred policy-making must become joint activity to achieve a better standard of living for the Estonian people. Estonians must have the certainty in their one and only homeland that their children will have a better life than their parents had, and that not just the country, but also the nation is doing well. The natural increase in the population of Estonians proves the success our country.

National Defence Committee
Electoral district: Pärnumaa

Alar Laneman


6 May 1962, Tartu, Estonia
Married, three daughters

Education: Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium (former Pärnu Secondary School No. 2) 1980; Tallinn Higher Military-Political Construction School 1985; Swedish Defence University (Försvarshögskolan, Stockholm) 1999–2001; Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, Royal College of Defence Studies 2007

Career: service in the Soviet Army 1981–1991; Estonian Defence Forces: General Staff of Estonian Defence Forces, Commander of the Guard Company, Staff Officer 1991, Kalev Infantry Battalion, Commander 1994–1995, Baltic Battalion (Baltic Peacekeeping Battalion, BALTBAT), Commander 1995–1998, Land Forces, Commander of the Headquarters 2001–2002, Chief of the General Staff of the Defence Forces 2002–2007, Operational Commander of the Defence Forces 2008; Estonian Defence Industry Association, Adviser 2011–2016; “Milrem Robotics”, adviser 2011–2020; Sauga Basic School, teacher 2011–2019; Minister of the Interior 2020–2021

Party affiliation: Estonian Conservative People’s Party 2019–.

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2020, Chairman of the Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee 2020)

Awards: Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 4th Class 1997; Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 3rd class 2005. Commander of the National Order of Merit of France 2005.
Order of Merit of the Estonian Defence Forces, Cross of Merit of the Estonian Defence Forces and Memorial Medal “10 Years of the Re-Established Defence Forces”, Order of Merit of the Land Forces, Distinguished Service Decoration of the Peace Operations Centre; Border Guard Cross of Merit, 2nd Class; Cross of Merit of the Ministry of Defence, 2nd Class; White Cross of the Estonian Defence League, 3rd Class. Lithuanian Defence Forces Cross for Outstanding Service, Latvian Defence Forces Cross for Outstanding Service; Medal of Merit of the Finnish Reservists’ Association

Ranks: Estonian Defence Forces: Captain 1992, Major 1994, Lieutenant Colonel 1998, Colonel 2002, Brigadier General 2005

Other activities: Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association, Estonian Defence League; Pärnu City Paikuse Rural Municipality District Council 2017–

Hobbies: history, tennis, shooting, hunting



  • Meediateenuste seaduse muutmise ja sellega seonduvalt teiste seaduste muutmise seaduse eelnõu (327 SE) esimene lugemine
  • Aitäh, austatud istungi juhataja! Austatud ettekandja! Kas komisjonis oli ka sellistes laiemates, kuid selle võrra tõsisemates seoses juttu, et see on sellise kurva lõpuga tee algus? Tsensuur. Ssal vahepeal tulevad muud õiguste piiramised, riigi sisemine nõrgenemine, kodanikkonna võõrandumine riigis
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