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I have worked in schools for over twenty-five years, first teaching science, later philosophy and religion. I feel that many of the problems brought on by social stratification have originated from school. Many students need to experience more solidarity, support, and acceptance for their personality in school, and the same goes for teachers. I believe that sensible decisions made by the Riigikogu could further improve our already excellent education system.

Social Democratic Party Faction
Cultural Affairs Committee, Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee
Electoral district: City of Tartu

Toomas Jürgenstein


City of Tartu electoral district

23 July 1964 Pärnu County, village of Ridalepa
Married, one son and two daughters

Education: Pärnu Coeducational Gymnasium (former Secondary School No. 1) 1982; University of Tartu, biology 1989; theology 1996 (both degrees equivalent to Master’s degree)

Career: Krabi Basic School, teacher of biology, chemistry and geography 1989–1992; Hugo Treffner Gymnasium, teacher of religious studies and philosophy 1996–2016

Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party 2001–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu 2016–; Tartu City Council 2005–2016, also elected in 2017

Awards: Tartu Teacher of the Year 2006

Other activities: Student corporation Ugala; Estonian Association of Teachers of Religious Studies; EELC Tartu St Paul congregation.
Lectures in the University of Tartu, Theological Seminary, Theological Seminary of the Estonian Methodist Church, Institute of Theology of the EELC, Tartu Academy of Theology, and Euroacademy; classes on philosophy in the Miina Härma Gymnasium and Jaan Poska Gymnasium.
Textbooks on religious studies: „Piibliõpik ja dogmaatika alused” 1997 (“Bible Study Textbook and Principles of Dogmatics”), co-author of „Kiriku ajalugu ja tänapäev” 1999 (“History of Church and the Church Today”), co-author of „Usundimaailma suured küsimused” 2011 (“Big Questions in Religion”), collection of stories „Tohuvabohu ja teised” 1998, editor of the collection of interviews „Rääkides religioonist” 2001 (“Let’s Talk about Religion”). Articles in the press, including columns in the weekly paper of the Estonian Evangelical Lutheran Church Eesti Kirik, and articles on school life in the teacher’s paper Õpetajate Leht

Hobbies: reading, outdoor activities, recreational sports



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