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I have been a member of the Estonian Centre Party for more than ten years, and a member of the city council and city government of Kiviõli, and later the council of Lüganuse Rural Municipality, which was formed as a result of the merger after the administrative reform, for almost as long. Seven years as the Mayor of Kiviõli gave me a good overview of the problems of various spheres of local life, and the concerns of people in small local governments. Regional policy in Estonia should be well-planned and balanced. Among other things, East-Virumaa needs a special programme financed by the state, and achieving this will be my priority in the Riigikogu. The state of Estonia is as strong as its smallest local government.

Finance Committee
Electoral district: Ida-Virumaa

Dmitri Dmitrijev


Ida-Viru County Electoral District

17 June 1982 Kiviõli, Estonia

Education: Kiviõli Russian Gymnasium 2000; Tallinn University of Technology, business administration 2005, Tallinn University, Rakvere College, Master's programme in political sciences 2010–

Career: real estate management company Kiviõli Kinnisvarahoolduse OÜ, Member of the Board 2006–2007; mining equipment company AS Mäetehnika, sales specialist/project manager 2006–2007; Mayor of Kiviõli 2007–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2005–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th and 14th Riigikogu; Kiviõli City Council 2005–2007, also elected in 2009 and 2013; Lüganuse Rural Municipality Council 2017– , Chairman 2019– .

Other activities: Guarantee Fund, Supervisory Council 2018–; Foundation Ida-Virumaa Industrial Areas Development, Member of the Council 2012–2015; Ida-Viru County Local Governments Association, Member of the Board 2014–2015; Ida-Viru Sports Association, Member of the Board, 2014–2018; LC Kiviõli, founding member 2017–.

Hobbies: sports, travelling, charity work.



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