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I aspire towards an Estonia which is home to everyone who lives here, regardless of their particularities. Everyone should feel at home in Estonia – safe, wanted, valued, included. Estonia should be like a home where you are given a helping hand, you are cared for, you are never left out. I am committed to making our Estonia just like that.

Anti-Corruption Select Committee, Cultural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Ida-Virumaa

Eduard Odinets


Ida-Viru County Electoral District

27 May 1976, Kohtla-Järve

Education: Kohtla-Järve Secondary School No. 18 in 1993; Narva College of the University of Tartu, local government organisation (cum laude) 2011; Tallinn University, teacher of Estonian as a foreign language (cum laude) 2013, MA in Education Sciences

Career: Tuuleveski Theatre in Jõhvi, Manager 1994–1997; newspaper Põhjarannik/Северное побережье, Editor 1997–1999; Adviser to Minister of Ethnic Affairs 1999–2002; OÜ Filmimees, producer of TV programme “Subboteja” 2002–2003; Social Democratic Party, Head of Office 2003–2007; Bureau of Minister of Ethnic Affairs, Head of Office 2007; Integration and Migration Foundation Our People, Head of Lifelong Learning Division 2007–2013; Ministry of Culture, Head of External Funding 2013–2020

Party affiliation: Social Democratic Party 2000–2009, 2021–

Membership in representative bodies: 14Th Riigikogu 2020– (Chairman of the Anti-Corruption Select Committee 2021–); Kohtla-Järve City City council 1996–

Other activities: Estonian Theatre Union, Member of Council 1996–; Kohtla-Järve Järve Grammar School, Chair of Board of Trustees 2008–

Hobbies: travelling, languages



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