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As a native of Virumaa, I stand for the welfare and development of my home region. Greater economic and social security of all families is important to me. I think that the security of our country and well-developed alliance relations, and also facilitating of export, making life simpler for small businesses and promotion of e-state are relevant. In my opinion, it is necessary to notice and to acknowledge those who do something. I work in the name of a happy and united Estonia.

Constitutional Committee
Electoral district: Lääne-Virumaa

Marko Torm


Lääne-Viru County Electoral District

2 March 1980, Kohtla-Järve

Education: Kohtla-Järve Järve Gymnasium 1998; Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, pre-trial investigation 2002; Tallinn University, MSc (political science) 2006

Career: Lääne-Viru Criminal Police, Inspector 2002; G4S Lääne-Viru Service Manager 2003–2005; Rakvere City: internal auditor 2006–2010, Deputy Mayor 2010–2011, Mayor 2017–2019; Lääne-Viru County Governor 2014–2017

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 2010–

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu 2020– ; Rakvere City Council 2013–2014 (Chairman), 2019–, also elected in 2017 

Other activities: Member of EELC Rakvere Trinity Congregation, NPO Rakvere Maraton, Haljala Municipality Community Centre Council 

Hobbies: criminology, tourism management, literature on management and psychology of management, basketball, exciting sports challenges, travelling



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