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I joined the Estonian Patriotic Movement when I was 16, and I was soon elected to the management board. I was one of the founders of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party and the patriotic youth movement “Sinine Äratus” (“Blue Awakening”) in 2012. I have been the Chairman of “Sinine Äratus” and a member of the Board of the Estonian Conservative People’s Party for a long time.

Conservative People’s Party of Estonia Faction
European Union Affairs Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee
Electoral district: City of Tartu

Ruuben Kaalep


City of Tartu Electoral District

21 September 1993 Tallinn

Education: Hugo Treffner Gymnasium 2012; University of Tartu, history 2012–2017.

Career: OÜ Siimsoni Tehnoloogiad, translator 2014–2015; web portal Uued Uudised, foreign news editor 2015–2017; studio Vaikuse Muusika, actor 2016–2017.

Party affiliation: Estonian Conservative People's Party 2012–

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu; Tartu City Council 2017–2019.

Other activities: youth organisation Young Eagles 2007–2012; Estonian Patriotic Movement 2010–2013, Member of the Board 2011–2013; Society of the Estonian Legion Friends 2011–2015; CPP youth association Sinine Äratus (Blue Awakening), founder, Member of the Board since 2012, Chairman 2013–2014 and 2016–2019; 
additional training: 3rd executive course on cyber defence and digital governance 2019;
collection of poems Litoriinamere loits ja teisi luuletusi (The Spell of the Littorina Sea and Other Poems) 2020; collection Uus rahvuslik ärkamine (New National Awakening) 2021; director, author of the text and performer in the play Ta liigub siiski (And Yet It Moves) at the School Theatre Festival 2011

Hobbies: Estonian history, oriental philosophy, rhyming poetry, synesthesia, metapolitics.



Population of Estonia Support Group, Support Group for Faster Development of Estonian National Defence, Support Group for the Protection of Estonian National Interests in the European Union Climate Package, Estonian Films Support Group, Support Group for Freeing Alexei Navalny and Other Political Prisoners in the Russian Federation, MS Estonia Ferry Disaster Investigation Support Group, Hong Kong Support Group, Estonian History Support Group, Support Group for the Transparency and Reliability of Electronic Voting, Support Group for Making the State Budget Understandable, Finno-Ugric Support Group, Innovation Support Group, Tibet Support Group, Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Support Group, Setomaa Support Group, Estonian Forest Brothers Tradition Support Group, Freedom of Speech Support Group, Restoration of Haapsalu Railway Support Group, European Union of Nation States Support Group, Openly About Rail Baltic Support Group, Direct Democracy Support Group, Freedom Fighters and Victims of Repression Support Group

Parliamentary groups

Estonia-Croatia parliamentary group, Estonia-Switzerland parliamentary group, Estonia-Romania Parliamentary Group, Estonia-Mongolia parliamentary group, Estonia-Turkmenistan Parliamentary Group, Estonia-Ukraine parliamentary group, Estonia-Latvia parliamentary group, Estonia-Hungary parliamentary group, Estonia-Netherlands parliamentary group, Estonia-Slovakia parliamentary group, Estonia-Uzbekistan Parliamentary Group