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As a member of the Riigikogu, I would like to contribute to the development of Estonia in the fields of national defence and security. I also think that it is important to promote education, especially in the field of physical education and sports. I also support the updating of our business environment. The structure of the state of Estonia needs to be optimised and it is necessary to limit bureaucracy, therefore I support the idea of the state reform.

Estonian Reform Party Faction
National Defence Committee, European Union Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Järvamaa and Viljandimaa

Johannes Kert


Järva County and Viljandi County electoral district

3 December 1959 in Pechory, Pskov Oblast, Russia
Married, two daughters

Education: Võru Kreutzwald Gymnasium (former Secondary School No. 1) 1977; University of Tartu, physical education 1981 (equivalent to Master’s degree)

Career: Sports Association Kalev, coach/teacher 1981–1983; Officer in Soviet Army 1983–1985; Sports Association Tööjõureservid, coach of Greco-Roman wrestling 1985–1988; Tartu Young Nature Lovers’ Club, teacher of photography 1988–1991; Defence League, Tartu District Commander 1991, Commander of the Defence League 1993–1996; Estonian Defence Forces, General Staff, Operations Department, Head of Operative Group 1991–1992, Kuperjanov Independent Infantry Battalion, Commander 1992, Commander of the Defence Forces 1996–2000, Adviser to the Commander, Acting Commander of Land Forces 2000–2001, Commander of Land Forces 2001–2002; Military Representative of Estonia to NATO and the European Union 2002–2008; Chairman of the International Steering Committee of the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence (CCDCOE) 2008–2012; Ministry of Defence, Adviser 2008–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 2014–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu

Awards: Order of the Cross of the Eagle, 2nd class 2001;
Order of Merit of the Estonian Defence Forces; White Cross of the Estonian Defence League, 1st class; Estonian Defence League Medal of Merit for Special Services; Cross of Merit of the Ministry of Defence, 1st class; other orders of the Estonian Defence League and of other countries

Other activities: Estonian Defence League, Member of Council of Elders; Rotary Club; Estonian Hunters’ Society, SA Maaspordikeskus, Member of Supervisory Board

Hobbies: military history, hunting, music



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