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City of Tartu Electoral District

20 October 1958 Tartu, Estonia
Divorced, one son and one daughter

Education: Miina Härma Gymnasium (former Tartu Secondary School No. 2) 1977; University of Tartu, law (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1985

Career: Southern High Voltage Power Networks, engineer 1985–1990; Association of Tartu Health Care Professionals Trade Unions, Chairperson 1990–1993; Professional Association of Estonian Middle-Level Health Workers, Legal Adviser 1993–1999; Adviser to the Minister of Social Affairs 1999–2002; Nordic Council of Ministers Information Office, Project Manager 2002; Riigikogu Reform Party Faction, Adviser 2002–2003; Tartu Aviation College, Lawyer 2004; Adviser to Member of the European Parliament 2004–2007

Party affiliation: Moderates / People’s Party Moderates / Social Democratic Party 1996–; Vice-Chair

Membership in representative bodies: 11th Riigikogu (Chair of the Social Affairs Committee 2007–2009), 12th Riigikogu (Deputy Chair of the Security Authorities Surveillance Select Committee 2011–2014, Chair of the Social Affairs Committee 2014–2015), 13th Riigikogu (Chair of the Legal Affairs Committee 2015–2016; Deputy Chair of faction 2016–2019); 14th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of the Legal Affairs Committee 2021–); Tartu City Council 1996–1999, 2002–2007, 2017–, also elected in 2009 and 2013

Other activities: Estonian Health Insurance Fund, Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board 2007–2009, 2014–2015; Tartu Ambulance Foundation, Member of the Council 2014–2018, 2020–; Tartu City Polyclinic and Tartu University Hospital Foundation, Member of the Council 2020–; Association of Enterprising Women; SDP Women’s Assembly Kadri, Member of the Board; Association of Senior Social Democrats, Secretary General; opinion pieces in the Estonian press

Hobbies: film, theatre, swimming, travelling



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