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I see it as my task to serve the people in the position entrusted to me. Presence in the Riigikogu Session Hall is the least that a deputy of the people should accomplish. I do. If it is necessary, I speak at the rostrum. If it is not necessary, I still do. If it is not allowed, I do it anyway, and this does not always end well. My positions can be followed over Nõmme Radio. I share my professional experience in the programme "Key to Health" in Tallinn TV, in weekly articles in newspapers "Teleleht" and "Terviseleht", and elsewhere, too, when time permits.

Estonian Centre Party Faction
Social Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Haabersti, Põhja-Tallinn and Kristiine districts of Tallinn

Viktor Vassiljev


Tallinn city districts of Haabersti, Põhja-Tallinn and Kristiine

9 April 1953 Tartu, Estonia
Married, three sons, two grandchildren

Education: Tartu Secondary School No. 4 1970; University of Tartu, medicine (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1977

Career: Tallinn Mäekalda Health Care Centre, doctor 1978–1999; Tallinn Health Care Department, Chief Specialist 1980–1987; Tallinn Medical School, teacher 1982–1984; Tallinn Internal Control Department, Head, Internal Control Officer 1999–2000, 2003–2004; Ministry of Social Affairs, Project Manager 2001–2003; Supervisory Foundation of Water Enterprises in Tallinn, control adviser 2004–2005; Tallinn Haabersti District Elder 2005–2011

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2002–

Membership in representative bodies: 12th–14th Riigikogu; Tallinn City Council 1996–1999, 2002–2003, also elected in 2005–2021

Awards: Star of St. George’s Night 2014; memorial cross “20 Years of Freedom” 2014; Medal of Honour of the Polish Society of Internal Medicine 1995, service medal 2006; Cross of the Order of St Nicholas of Ukraine 2011; Ivan Sirko Medal of Ukraine 2011; Badge of Merit of the Royal Spanish Heraldry Society 2013; Imperial Hispanic Order of Carlos V, Commander Star 2013; Crown Star of Wagadou-Ghana, Officer 2015, etc.

Other activities: member of Estonian Society of Geriatrics and Estonian Society of Internal Medicine (Secretary General 1985−2008); International Society of Internal Medicine (Switzerland), Member of Executive Committee 1993–2008; European Federation of Internal Medicine (Belgium), founding member and Member of Executive Committee 1996–2008; Estonian Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics, Member of the Board 1997–2010; Institute of Internal Auditors Estonia, founder 2000; Estonian Credit Bank Foundation for Large Families, Vice-Chairman of Supervisory Board 2000–2005; Supervisory Foundation of Water Companies in Tallinn, Chairman of Supervisory Board; Chairman of the Supervisory Board; Holy Trinity Anglocatholic School of Ministry, honorary degree in humanities (Doctor Litterarum);
Author and presenter of TV programmes “Prillitoos” (“Spectacle Case”, ETV 1984–1996) and “Tervisevõti” (“Key to Health”, STV 2003–2013, Tallinn TV 2013–), co-author of numerous TV and radio programmes; books on health care: “Tere, head “Prillitoosi” vaatajad” (“Hello, Viewers of Spectacle Case”), Part 1–3, 1999–2001, “Nõuandeid pealaest varbaotsani” (“Advice from Head to Toe”) 2008, “Ключи к здоровью” (“Key to Health”) 2009, “Terviseaabits edasijõudnutele” (“Health primer for Advanced Level”) 2011, “Vastuvõtt ilma järjekorrata” (“Reception Without Waiting”) 2015, 2016, TV Tervisevõti (TV Key to Health) 2019, Doktor Vassiljevi Kullafond. 2010–2020 (Golden Tips from Doctor Vassiljev. 2010–2020), starting from 2020 (twice a year) and numerous articles in newspapers and journals; also author of fiction Talvised pühadejutud (Winter Holiday Tales) 2008

Hobbies: heraldry, snowboarding