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It is important to me that there would be regional development all over Estonia, so that there would be no marginalised places, that the revenue base of local governments allowed to ensure a decent subsistence, the development of enterprise, jobs and worthy salaries in all regions, so that we would have no people who cannot cover their costs of living. It continues to be my task to address these problems.

Finance Committee
Electoral district: Järvamaa and Viljandimaa

Kersti Sarapuu


Järva County and Viljandi County Electoral District

5 May 1954; Põltsamaa, Estonia
Widowed, four daughters and one son

Education: Tartu Secondary School No. 7 in 1972; Tallinn Technical University, industry management and planning 1986 (equivalent to Master’s degree)

Career: Tartu Trade Management, salesperson 1972–1973; Karinu 8-Year School, teacher 1973–1977; Alliku State Farm Kindergarten, Head 1977–1988; Paide Sookure Kindergarten, Head 1988–1994; Virumaa Commercial Bank, Land Bank of Estonia, Regional Manager 1994–1998; AS Kingstor, Member of Board, AS Neli Kuningat, Member of Board 1998–2005; Assistant Mayor of Paide 2005; Mayor of Paide 2005–2011; Kingstor Varad Grupp OÜ, Member of Board 2011–  

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2002–, Member of the Board

Membership in representative bodies: 13th Riigikogu (Chairman of faction 2016–2019), 14th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2019, 2021–, Chairman 2019–2021); Paide City Council 2002–2005, 2011–2014, also elected in 2005–2017

Awards: Järva County Medal of Merit 2014; Medal of Merit of the Police
winner of competition “Beautiful Estonian Home 2018” (together with husband Arvo Sarapuu)

Other activities: European Committee of the Regions, Commission for Education, Youth, Culture and Research 2005–2015; Järva County Association of Local Authorities, Member of the Board 2005–2011; Estonian Centre Party, Chair of Council, Deputy Chair of Local Government Council
Articles in newspapers Paide Linnaleht, Järva Teataja, Sakala and Kesknädal; has been the host of Tallinn TV programme on rural local governments “Kodupaik”

Hobbies: literature, gardening, travelling



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