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I have a conservative worldview. I am committed to working towards a sustainable development of agriculture and rural life. We don’t always have to do something new; we should analyse the past, live in the present, but always think about the future.

Rural Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Võrumaa, Valgamaa and Põlvamaa

Merry Aart


Võru County, Valga County and Põlva County Electoral District

31 March 1953 Elva
Three sons, three grandchildren

Education: Elva Gymnasium 1971; Estonian University of Life Sciences, Zoological Engineering (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1982, Master’s programme in Economic Calculation and Financial Management 2013–2016.

Career: Tartu Region Agro-Industrial Association / Tartu County Government, Department of Agriculture, animal husbandry specialist 1987–1994; advisory association Tartumaa Kari and EDVL, consultant; Estonian Association of Rural Consultants, President 1994–1999; Estonian Chamber of Agriculture and Commerce, project manager, sector coordinator 2003–2004, 2007–2009; Ministry of Rural Affairs, Research and Development Department, Head 2005–2007; Mermiko Consult OÜ, Member of the Board 2011–; Tartu County Farmers’ Union, project manager 2015–2019.

Party affiliation: Estonian People’s Union 2003–2011; Estonian Conservative People’s Party 2013–, Member of the Board.

Membership in representative bodies: 14th Riigikogu  (Deputy Chairman of the Rural Affairs Committee 2021–)

Other activities: Estonian Association of Rural Consultants, Chairman of the Board 1999–2003 and 2010–; Professional Council for Food Industry and Agriculture, and Consultants Professional Qualifications Committee 2010–2019; Rural Development Foundation, cooperation partner 2010 and 2015–; NGO Estonian Rural Advisory Service, Member of the Board 2012−.

Hobbies: theatre, literature, travelling, gardening.



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