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I believe in people and I believe in freedom. I have dedicated myself to making Estonia a friendly and safe place to grow up, go to school, set up a family, realise your dreams and enjoy your retirement. I am equally committed to ensuring that Estonia has enough strong allies to support us in our endeavours.

European Union Affairs Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita districts of Tallinn

Keit Pentus-Rosimannus


Tallinn city electoral districts of Kesklinn, Lasnamäe and Pirita

3 March 1976 in Tallinn

Education: Tallinn Baccalaureate Private School 1995; Tallinn University, public administration and European Union relations 2000 (equivalent to Master’s degree)

Career: AS Emor; adviser to the Minister of Justice and to the Minister of Foreign Affairs; Tallinn Centre District Administration, District Elder 2003–2005; Prime Minister’s Offi ce, Head 2005–2007; Minister of the Environment 2011–2014; Minister of Foreign Affairs 2014–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 1998–

Membership in representative bodies: 11th Riigikogu (Chairman of faction 2007–2009, Vice President 2009–2011), 12th Riigikogu, 13th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee 2016–2019), 14th Riigikogu (Deputy Chairman of faction 2019– ; Tallinn City Council 1999–2007, 2017– , elected also 2009 and 2013

Other activities: continuing education at Stockholm Defence University; training programmes by ZEIT Foundation, American Council on Germany, Dräger Stiftung, and Carter Center

Hobbies: reading, recreational sports (running), music



  • Riigikogu otsuse „Rahvahääletuse korraldamine abielu mõiste küsimuses“ eelnõu (288 OE) teine lugemine
  • Aitäh! Et kui te sõna andsite, siis mu protseduuriline küsimus on see, et kuivõrd üks vaheaeg juba võeti enne hääletust, siis see võimalus enne hääletust vaheaega võtta on täiesti seadusekohane, see võimalus on ära kasutatud. Meil ei ole võimalust viieks vaheajaks, kui meil on viis erinevat fraktsio
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