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Both in my journalist work and in my active political work, I have always protected the weaker party and strived to ensure that everybody would be offered equal opportunities. As a member of the Riigikogu, I continue my activities to ensure that people would receive bigger salaries and higher pensions. I stand for the rights of persons with disabilities, for better availability of medical care and for a fair tax system.

Social Affairs Committee
Electoral district: Jõgevamaa and Tartumaa

Marika Tuus-Laul


Jõgeva County and Tartu County Electoral District

12 May 1951 Tallinn, Estonia

Education: Tallinn Secondary School No. 39 in 1970; Tallinn University, cultural education (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1976; University of Tartu, journalism (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1986

Career: Harju District Soviet of People's Deputies, Executive Committee, Culture Department, methodologist 1978–1985; Estonian SSR State Committee for Cinematography, Senior Inspector 1985–1987; Estonian Television, presenter, Editor, Editor-in Chief, Producer 1987–2002; Public Relations Adviser to the Minister of Social Affairs 1997–1999

Party affiliation: Estonian Centre Party 2003–

Membership in representative bodies: 10th–14th Riigikogu; Tallinn City Council 2002–2005, 2017–, Vice-Chair 2002–2003 elected to Tallinn City Council also in 2005 and 2013, and to Elva City Council in 2009

Other activities: Estonian Public Broadcasting Council 2016–; Estonian Broadcasting Professionals’ Union, Chairman of the Board; Estonian Television, Chief Representative; Estonian Employees’ Unions’ Confederation TALO, Member of the Board 2001; Estonian Union of Journalists, Member of the Board 2001–2003; Tallinn Kristiine Administrative Council, Chairman 2002–2005, member 2011–

TV programmes “Aktuaalne Kaamera”, “Aeg Luubis”, „Pooltund kõigile”,“Knopka”, “Linnapilt” and “Labürint” in ETV, “Knopka” in Tallinn TV. Published articles in the Estonian press.

Hobbies: music, journalism, politics, gardening



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  • Aitäh! Austatud esineja! Professor Marju Lauristin on minule küll õpetanud, et hea väljaanne, hea leht müüb ennast ise. Järelikult ei vasta need väljaanded lugeja ootustele. Mind näiteks häirib, kui toimetus tellib autorilt loo, paneb selle maksumüüri alla, autorile ei maksa ja teenib
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