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Estonian politics need a dialogue, so that areas like national defence, education and culture could bridge political divides. After all, the political parties have the same goal – to do what is best for Estonia. Sadly, political fight for power tends to stifle good ideas. Staying true to YOUR ideas is the foundation of your world view, but supporting the GOOD IDEAS of your opponents is a noble, dignified and honest way to act. That is what politics is – an art of compromises...

National Defence Committee
Electoral district: Harjumaa and Raplamaa

Madis Milling


Harju County and Rapla County Electoral District

24 November 1970 Tallinn
Non-marital partnership, one son and two stepsons

Education: Tallinn Õismäe Gymnasium (former Tallinn Secondary School No. 17) 1989; Tallinn University, theatre producer (equivalent to Master’s degree) 1993

Career: host in radio stations “Top”, “Radio Sky Plus”, “Radio 3”, “Radio Kuku”, “Vikerraadio” and “Ring FM” 1993–2015; Old Baskin’s Theatre, actor 2007–2015

Party affiliation: Estonian Reform Party 2003–

Membership in representative bodies: 13th and 14th Riigikogu; Saue City Council 2004–2015, Saue Municipality Council in 2017–

Awards: White Cross of the Estonian Defence League, 3rd Class; Medals of Merits of the Estonian Defence League: for special merits, and bronze medal; Badge “Ten years of Service in the Estonian Defence League”, etc. Medals of Merit of the Finnish Reserve Officers’ Federation: bronze and silver medals; Medal of Merit of the Ukrainian Registered Cossacks; Military Sporting Society “Erna” Medal of Merit, 1st Class

Other activities: Estonian Defence League, Tallinn District 1990–, assistant to the District Commander 2013–, member of rock group Mustad Kolonelid; Estonian Reserve Officers’ Association 1997–; Military Sporting Society Erna, Member of the Board 2001–; NGO Saku Volunteer Firemen 2013–, NGO Tõdva Volunteer Rescuers 2019–; 
appearances in entertainment programmes in radio and TV programmes, roles in theatre and film; cookery book Lõkketoidud (Campfire Cooking, co-author) 2013

Hobbies: hiking, military history, playing drums



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