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The Riigikogu passed the Act on Amendments to the Fiscal Marking of Liquid Fuel Act and the Taxation Act The Act on Amendments to the Taxation Act (843 SE), initiated by the Finance Committee, was passed with 80 votes in favour (1 abstention).

Act provides that the passing of an amendment to an Act concerning a tax and the entry into force of such amendment must, as a general rule, be separated by a period of at least six months. By way of specification, for example, issues relating to the reduction of tax evasion and situations of crisis, whether economic or other, are set out. These amendments are based on the collective address of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, aimed at improving the stability of the tax environment.  (841 SE), initiated by the Government, was passed with 47 votes in favour (16 against). According to it, the resources of diesel fuel for specific purposes acquired for heating before 1 May 2015 are allowed to be used up in private houses and apartment buildings without paying the difference between the amount of the excise duty, or to be used to produce electricity. During the proceedings, specifications concerning the rules for granting state aid concerning the use of fuel marked with a fiscal marker were also introduced into the Act. The Act enters into force on the following day after its publication in the Riigi Teataja. Aivar Kokk took the floor during the debate.