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Today, the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) held an extraordinary video sitting to discuss Estonia’s positions at the extraordinary virtual meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs, which will take place tomorrow. The Committee pointed out that Russia’s demands should not be a basis for negotiations and NATO’s Eastern Flank needed immediate reinforcement.

According to Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Marko Mihkelson, Minister of Foreign Affairs Eva-Maria Liimets told the Committee that the agenda of tomorrow’s meeting of NATO Ministers of Foreign Affairs covered broader European security issues, the issues relating to Ukraine and preparations for the NATO-Russia Council.

Mihkelson underlined that Russia had made several ultimative demands that must not be the basis for any talks. Also, no concessions should be made on the sanctions imposed on Russia, because the aggression against Ukraine has not abated in the slightest.

The Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee thinks that it is important that the NATO allies unanimously support the territorial integrity of both Ukraine and Georgia. Mihkelson emphasised that that in the current security situation, the Foreign Affairs Committee considered it essential to reinforce NATO’s Eastern Flank. “It is in our direct interest that the reinforcement of NATO’s Eastern Flank took place now and immediately,” Mihkelson said.

Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee Mihhail Lotman also underlined that the NATO side must not base its talks with Russia on the latter’s agenda, but had to be proactive and present its own demands. “It should be made clear that Russia’s greater security risks arise from its own aggressive adventures,” Lotman said. Lotman also stated that we must not let ourselves be misled by Russia’s terminological games.

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