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By a decision of the Board of the Riigikogu, the draft Statement of the Riigikogu on the UN Global Compact for Migration (758 AE), initiated by the members of the Riigikogu Jevgeni Ossinovski, Eiki Nestor, Kalvi Kõva, Marianne Mikko, Jaanus Marrandi, Inara Luigas, Heljo Pikhof, Kersti Sarapuu, Tiit Terik, Mihhail Korb, Heimar Lenk, Erki Savisaar, Märt Sults, Enn Eesmaa, Anneli Ott, Siret Kotka-Repinski, Vladimir Velman, Dmitri Dmitrijev, Mihhail Stalnuhhin, Igor Kravtšenko, Helmut Hallemaa, Marika Tuus-Laul, Eevi Paasmäe, Toomas Väinaste, Valeri Korb, Rainer Vakra, Toomas Paur, Jaanus Karilaid, Karin Tammemägi, Aadu Must, Viktor Vassiljev, Helmen Kütt, Toomas Jürgenstein, Hardi Volmer, Toomas Vitsut, Barbi Pilvre, Hannes Hanso, Monika Haukanõmm and Tanel Talve on 19 November, was accepted for legislative proceedings.

According to the Statement, the UN Global Compact for Migration is a non-legally binding, cooperative framework; this has also been emphasised by the Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia. It is a declaration that has been jointly negotiated by the member states of the United Nations and it will give us an opportunity to improve international cooperation on migration, including by preventing irregular migration and combating against trafficking in and smuggling of persons, and to protect the rights of the people of Estonia in foreign countries.

The Global Compact for Migration underlines the fundamental principle that all states have a sovereign right to determine their national migration policy in conformity with international law.

The Statement points out the principles of the Global Compact for Migration that the Riigikogu supports.

The Riigikogu is convinced that the purposes of the Compact help fight against irregular migration and reduce it, and also reduce its negative effects on its victims.

According to the draft Statement, the Riigikogu of the Republic of Estonia supports the adoption of the UN Global Compact for Migration.

The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu was appointed as the lead committee.

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