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This week, the members of the Estonian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) are taking part in the second session of the Assembly in Strasbourg, France. The focus will be on human rights.

The head of the Estonian delegation and Vice-President of the PACE Marianne Mikko is anticipating a work-filled week. “We will discuss to what extent European journalists are able to serve as guards of democratic values; whether countries that have declared a state of emergency, such as Ukraine, Turkey, or France, follow the principles of the rule of law; and how human rights are respected in cyber warfare,” Mikko said.

Other topics include the Paris Agreement on climate change, drug-resistant tuberculosis in Europe, situation in Libya, funding of the ISIS terrorist organisation, humanitarian needs of internal migrants, as well as integration, support, and protection of migrant children through compulsory education.

The week will take its lead from the report on corruption, or the so-called caviar diplomacy, written by the Independent External Investigation Body. The report was published yesterday on the PACE home page.

The Estonian delegation at the session is composed of Marianne Mikko, Tiit Terik, and Jaak Madison.

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