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The EU Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu approved by consensus the positions of the Government of the Republic concerning the support package for Portugal. Minister Jürgen Ligi will represent the positions approved by the Riigikogu at the meeting of Eurogroup and EU finance ministers.

In the words of Chairman of the Finance Committee Taavi Rõivas, the need to ensure that budget cuts and structural reforms in Portugal are sufficient to overcome the problems was stressed at the sitting of the committee. “In order that the joint loan from the IMF and the European Union would serve its purpose and to overcome the debt crisis, Portugal’s government will have to undertake very serious cost cuts and structural reforms. I hope that the public of Portugal will also support the plan that has been agreed and will understand that budget cuts and reforms are useful for Portugal,” said Rõivas.

 In Rõivas’ opinion, reducing of deficit in the situation of the continuing economic downturn in Portugal presumes actual cuts and tax rises and not only freezing of costs. The Chairman of the Committee stressed that the aim must be to achieve a budget surplus and not simply a smaller deficit.
According to law, the EU Affairs Committee approves the positions to be presented to the Council of Ministers on behalf of the Riigikogu.
The Riigikogu Press Service