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The Riigikogu started the second reading of the draft Resolution of the Riigikogu “Ensuring Performance of Obligations arising from the European Financial Stability Facility Framework Agreement and Amendments thereto” (90 OE), submitted by the Government. Representative of the Finance Committee Aivar Sõerd gave an overview of the discussions which had been held in the Committee. The Committee is of the opinion that the proposals of the Chancellor of Justice and the Constitutional Committee will definitely have to be taken as a basis and specifications will have to be introduced in the draft Resolution so as to manage legal risks. The Finance Committee is of the opinion that the Riigikogu will first have to complete the legislative proceeding of the Bill on amendments to the basic State Budget Act (95 SE) which serves as the basis for the Resolution in issue, and only then the legislative proceeding of this draft Resolution can be conducted. After the overview by the representative of the Committee and answering of questions, the debate was begun which was adjourned due to the end of the working hours. Resumption of the deliberation is scheduled for the second additional sitting today.
The sitting ended at 2.03 p.m.
The Riigikogu Press Service