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The Act on the Repeal of § 7(3) of the Republic of Estonia Principles of Ownership Act (830 SE), initiated by the Res Publica Faction, was passed with 47 votes in favour at the third reading. The amendment to the Act concerns the restitution of property to the resettlers to Germany. The amendment to the Act repeals the provision, according to which the applications for the restitution or compensation of illegally expropriated property, which had belonged to the property of Estonian expatriates who have left Estonia under the contracts concluded with the state of Germany and which had been located in Estonia, was repealed. The present Act does not provide for the right to submit new applications concerning the restitution or compensation of illegally expropriated property. The task to review all such applications which have not been reviewed due to § 7(3) of the Principles of the Ownership Reform Act, was assigned to the local committees on the restitution and compensation of property, in nine months beginning from entry into force of the Act. 38 members of the Riigikogu voted against the Act.
On the motion of the Social Affairs Committee as the leading committee, the Bill on Amendments to the Health Insurance Act (897 SE), initiated by the Social Democratic Party Faction, was withdrawn from legislative proceeding at the first reading.
The Riigikogu Press Service