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The Riigikogu approved the agenda for the working week, which includes 23 items for deliberation. On Tuesday, the first reading of 8 bills will be deliberated. These bills include the Bills on Amendments to § 27 of the Pre-School Child Care Institutions Act (50 SE and 52 SE), Bill on Amendments to the Social Benefits for Disabled Persons Act (30 SE), as well as draft resolution on the formation of the Committee of Investigation to Ascertain the Reasons for the Sinking of the Ferry Estonia and Related Circumstances (84 OE). On Wednesday’s sitting the third reading of the Bill on Amendments to the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act, Insurance Activities Act and Traffic Act (48 SE) will take place. The first reading of altogether 13 bills initiated by the Government of the Republic, including the Environmental Responsibility Bill (77 SE) and the Civil Status Acts Bill (68 SE), will be deliberated. On Thursday’s sitting the Chancellor of Justice Allar Jõks will present an overview about reviewing the conformity of the legislation of general application with the Constitution and the Acts, and the respect for fundamental rights and liberties

The Riigikogu Press Service